Mister Finley was jumping on the trampoline yesterday with Peanut and his cousin, he got bounced a little too high and lost control and decided to give the springs a kiss which resulted in a gashed head. The poor kid was bleeding profusely. I tried to keep my calm, but when I saw my 4 year old bleeding so bad that is was covering his entire face and filling up his ear lobes and eye sockets I just about lost it. I rushed him in the house grabbed a towel, applied pressure, and asked my mom to watch Peanut and Meadow while I took him to the E.R. On the way down the road I called Cache who told me to calm down and stop the bleeding and take him to my brothers office instead of the E.R. A few breath's later I realized that that was a better plan.

We got to the office an hour later where my brother decided that a little super glue would do the trick. Finley was so brave, I was surprised, if it was Peanut in this situation we would have had to sedate her. Oh, speaking of Peanut when she saw the blood, she screamed and started crying. After I told her that he was going to be okay she said "I just Love him" while sobbing. She just thought "this would never happen in our family". hahaha I love her, she is so sweet, but I am not kidding about the sedation, she has had a thorn in her foot for a week and can barely walk on it, but will not let anyone touch it or even look at it.

I am rambling, but as Finley's Prize for being so brave he decided he wanted Trans Former Sheets, not a Trans Former toy, but sheets. He slept on them so peacefully last night.
This picture makes the cut look like not a big deal, and it wasn't too bad, but head wounds always bleed so bad which make them look worse than they really are-I knew this, but all my medical training hides in the back of my head when stuff like this happens. well, thank goodness for super glue it saved Finley a few stitches.

I am trying to get enough gusto to blog about our 4th of July weekend, we had tons of fun, so hopefully a few posts will be up soon.


Cache Man said...

Just so you know Eden takes after her mom in the drama department.

RLRP said...

Aw, Carrie, you did a good job! I would freak out too. Head wounds are scary!

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

I would totally be freaking out, too. I hate blood and I think I've passed my fear on to the kids. whoops. Super glue, huh??? who knew? will it leave a scar?