Happy Birthday Fin,


Finley has now been on this earth for 5 whole years.  Wow, I felt like it wasn’t too long ago that I brought him home and he was sleeping in his suit case of lights.


While we were still in Utah we celebrated his birthday with several of his friends at Chuck-e-Cheese, knowing that we wouldn’t know anybody in San Francisco to invite to his party.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures. But thanks to Gus, Leo, Macy, Cooper, and Isaac we have a home full of zhu zhu pets, transformers and mighty beanz (which is a good thing).  


For his actual birthday we celebrated by going Here. Maybe you have heard about it HERE. Let me tell anyone that comes and visits us in SF, I will take you here. It was so delicious!

candlesIce cream

 group silly Fin

Our friends from Cache’s work who have also moved to SF came with us and it got a little wild with 6 kids and 5 huge scoops of ice cream………….the evidence:



Diane said...

It's nice you know people to do fun things with that have kids too.

I hope it's going well!

Heather said...

I had no idea you moved to SF! I hope everything is going well :)