California Academy of Sciences

A long time ago, before school even started, the kids and I and some friends from our new Ward went to a very cool museum in the heart of Golden Gate park. If you venture to San Francisco and have a full day to spend at a museum, you must go here.

The kids loved it and we only saw a tiny portion of it. We took advantage of free museum day in the city. So we arrived early, waited in line and froze in the San Francisco Summer.

Some of the kids favorite memories: walking through the aquarium tunnel, the butterfly's flying everywhere, the parrot, ants, big spiders, white alligator, hands on experience in the tide pool exhibit.


Diane said...

Your kids are so big! Especially the baby! It is fun to see pictures of what you are doing, and read about what you are up to.

We miss you!

Bekah said...

wow, that seems so long ago, but was so fun! thanks for coming. I can't remember if you had moved in by then or not? I think you had, what a trooper you are. Look how not pregnant I look, man I only have a few weeks left now, wow how time flys.