January 12x12

I realize I have slacked A LOT on my blog. I just can't find interesting things to blog about and I have lost a little love for my camera (still in love, just not as much). So to get things up and moving I have a few projects I am working on. One is a 12 of 12 project. Every month on the 12 I take 12 pictures to document our day. Following lead of one of my favorite blogs. Yesterday was my first day

(click on picture to enlarge)

1. Breakfast for me. egg, egg white, ham, and laughing cow creamy cheese.
2. Peanut off to school.
3. Meadow in the backseat on the drive to peanut's school. Blanket must be wrapped around her head to provide comfort.
4. Morning exercise with Rachel, James, and Ryan. Rachel and I hoped to get in a couple of miles, but soon found out that with 4 kids who tire easily our goal was too high. Although we did make it 1.6 miles.
5 & 6. Playtime at the park after the walk.
7. Afternoon visitors. I never tire of seeing the turkeys.
8. Facebook and food tracking.
9. Lego's glorious Lego's.
10. Meadow decided to kick back and watch "Little Rascal's" from her high chair.
11. It took me two days but the craft closet is organized.
12. Zinch's new website is up and running, to celebrate Zinch provided Godiva cigars and Martinelli's (Utah approved celebration treats). Cache managed to grab a couple of cigars for the kids.


Lee Currie said...

Looks like a lovely day. Congratulations on the tidy craft space!

Diane said...

I will look forward to the 12th of each month.

I just got a new (to us) Nikon D90. I need to get out and practice using it. Maybe I'll do a 1X1 project.