4th Grade

Eden is entering 4th grade!! Which is so crazy to me, I remember 4th grade. It wasn't that long ago (wink). I had Mrs. Nissin at C.H. Taylor Elementary in Ogden. I remember learning cursive. I remember thinking John M. was cute. I remember the new girl Mariesa. I remember long division. I remember thinking I was so close to being an adult (wink, wink).

Eden thinks she is an adult, she is learning cursive and long division, she is the new girl (in a round about way), and as much as she denies it I am sure there is, or will be a boy that she is going to think is cute.
Welcome to 4th Eden!
I am so glad I get to be the mom of this sweet girl.


Diane said...

I taught 4th grade at Riverton Elementary about 30 years ago...it's a great age to be!

Rachel said...

Check out those sassy grown-up earrings!