A few things to catch up

* I started this post months ago, and forgot all about it.oops*

I trained for a half marathon and survived.  I started back in January and ran 3 or 4 days a week, the marathon was scheduled for April 28th.  So that gave me almost 4 months to train.  I did so good and learned to love running, that is until I hit 10 miles.  After 10 miles I dreaded it.  I even stopped training as much, I only ran 2 times a week one short run and one long run.  My life at this time started to get really crazy too.  We were gearing up for moving and that seemed to occupy me more than I thought.  I guess I had some underlying stress that I wasn't recognizing.  The day of the HalfMary came.  I woke up and felt OK although very nervous to face the challenge ahead of me.  The furthest I had ran up to that point was only 12 miles, but I thought I would be okay because I felt like I could have done one more mile when I finished that run.

Let me fill you in on the day before the race......We ended up moving into our new house and there were so many bumps with the move. I slept only 3 hours that night in a new house with new sounds, not the greatest way to spend the night before a big run.  Carbing up?  I did a little, if you count 2 slices of cold Little Caesars pizza a good carb load.
Ok, sorry, back to the race.........I had a great friend that I ran with.  We started and were feeling good.  She felt better than me I am sure because she runs much faster than I do, but she was so sweet and committed to sticking with me (thanks Barb!)  Miles 3,4,5 came and went and we were doing pretty good.  We were staying hydrated at the water stops and we had downed our goo.  We were even a little under our (my) goal time.  Of course at that time I told my friend my goals were to not stop and stay under 12 minute miles, I was feeling good and thought these goals were totally reasonable.  I had ran 10 miles without stopping before (my 12 mile runs I had stopped for drink and potty breaks) I could totally do it again with adding 3 more miles.  7 miles passed still doing okay, but getting tired, I totally thought a Goo would pep me up.  8 miles came and I started to get doubts in my mind and mile 9 I broke down.  Tears started flowing and I had to stop and have a good cry. I actually had been near tears most of the morning, but figured it was from the excitement of the race (lame but I always get teary at races even if I am only watching them).  The stress of the move finally came out, maybe that's an excuse, but that is what I felt like it was.  The rest of the race was awful.  Every hill (and there was a lot of them) took all of my energy. I pretty much was running slower than if I was just walking.  I kept telling my friend to go on, to finish, but she wouldn't, which is good because I might have given up if it wasn't for her.  After about dying during those last 4 miles we made it through the finish line at 2 hours 46 minutes.  I didn't make either of my goals and I was so disappointed.  Would I do it again? Maybe.  But at least I gave it my best effort and I feel good about that.

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Diane said...

Hurrah for you!! That is a great goal to set and meet, even if other circumstances made it harder than it should have been. You still finished. I'm in awe!