Camping in the Uintah's

We have become the little adventurers in the past couple of weeks.  It may not seem adventurous to some, but for us, a family with three young kids, this is crazy.  I have sworn off camping because I hate getting up in the middle of the night to stagger to the outhouse while searching for wild animals with my flash light.  I also hate lying awake for hours listening to cache snore and dealing with children that talk in their sleep and have go to the bathroom (again staggering to the outhouse, but this time with a child in tow).  But because of my husband's and children's plea's for a camping trip I caved and agreed to drive to the Uinta's for ONE night in the great outdoors.  It was much more fun than I thought.  We cooked hot dogs wrapped in rhodes roll dough (delicious), roasted marshmallows with Rolo's in the middle, and made smores with Nutella.   We also hiked (walked) around Butterfly lake, pitched a tent, explored a few meadows, and caught a fish.  Okay, I exaggerate a little on catching a fish.  I speared out of the lake a freshly dead trout.  I saw it floating and it didn't have gross flies flying around it and looked actually really good.  I suck stick in its mouth and pulled it out.  The kids had fun looking at it and then we gave it to some fisherman.  They actually decided to keep it-bleh.  The Uintah's are so beautiful and we had some good ole family bonding time.  I will say though, I didn't sleep AT ALL, and I did stagger to the bathroom, and eventually crying at 6:00 am because I was so tired.  All is good though, and I would possibly do it again, I just wish I was a heavier sleeper.
(please forgive these phone pictures. forgot the camera)
 Butterfly Lake
 Pigs in a blanket-campfire style
 itchy eyes+soot on hands=racoon eyes
 Provo falls

OH! I almost forgot to write about the faith promoting experience we had.  When we arrived in the uintah's we were looking for Trial or Washington lakes.  We ended up driving past the turn off to those two lakes and spent an hour trying to find them.  Once we turned around a found them we searched out a camp host who told us all the camp spots were occupied. bummer.  We drove to the next lake and heard the same news.  We drove to 2 or 3 more and again they were all full.  We decided we would try one more and if it was full we would go home and try another weekend.  By this time it was 5pm, the kids were getting hungry and we had been driving around for about 2 hours.  We drove into butterfly lake and Asher and Eden said they were going to say a prayer.  After about 2 minutes a man waved us down and asked if we wanted his camp spot because he had been up into yellowstone for the past week and was heading back home to SLC. He explained how his original plan was  to stay one night and drive home in the morning, but he was so close and missed his dogs and wife that he made a last minute decision to drive straight to SLC without stopping.  Lucky for us we took his camp spot , which was great because the rest of the campground was full.  My kids were so excited that their prayers were answered and their Heavenly Father listened to them even for something so small.

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Diane said...

That is a great faith promoting experience. I'm with you on camping. It's the night time that's the problem, not the day stuff.