Welcome Elder Turley.

Again, I am a few posts behind. Again, I will be playing catch-up. Sorry to those few people who read this blog, my catchup posts aren't very interesting. Well, they're interesting to us. That is why I must document. So bare with me.Last Thursday night one of Cache's old missionary buddies (Birmingham, England Mission) traveled all the way from Ireland to visit us, Okay not really just to visit us, but it was fun that he thought of contacting us while he was in town. The two of them had a walk down memory lane and laughed and snickered and laughed some more. I liked hearing about bad haircuts, cadbury trips, soccer games, coke runs at 7 in the morning, crazy suicidal companions, flirty sister missionaries, and of course about the people that were baptized. Elder Turley-maybe next time we will be able to visit you and your beautiful family in Ireland, I want to see your pet sheep.
Reminiscing over Cache's "T-book" (i guess it's a missionary scrapbook)
Kids that speak differently, still having tons of fun together. I could've listened to their accents all night, I loved it. My favorite part is when cute little Cameron asked me for a Torch because it was dark outside. Anyone know what he was talking about? It took me awhile to figure out what he wanted.
Peanut's new penpal. She is really excited-although she doesn't look like it in this picture.

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