newt+St. Patty's day

We love discovering new creatures around our yard. We found this little guy crawling into our garage. Eden wanted to put him him in Miss. trunchbulls water (from Matlida).
We stuck him in a jar for a while and then let him go after reading that newts are very poisonous and can kill any predator including a human (but only if ingested).

St. Patricks Day: I woke up the morning of the 17th to Asher's footsteps running down the stairs in hopes of finding a leprechaun in his trap that he had made at preschool. At that moment, after coming out of my grogginess, my stomach sunk because I had realized the leprechaun had forgot to come. I quickly met a disappointed Asher in the kitchen and convinced him that the leprechaun was trying to fool him into thinking he hadn't come and was hiding for the right time to pull his pranks. I told him he better go back up to bed and listen closely for anything out of the ordinary. The leprechaun then proceeded to drop gold Rolo candies around the house, tip over the chairs, and fall into the trap. Luckily he was able to use his leprechaun cane and puncture a hole through the trap and escape without having to grant any wishes. Although, Cache and I heard the commotion of his escape and made a ruckus trying to catch him so he would have to grant Asher's wish of being an Avatar. Our ruckus brought Asher back down the stairs in a hurry, but he had just missed the leprechaun escaping through the front door. He was very disappointed. The ruckus also woke up Eden who started to get teary eyed because we had started the festivities without her. She cheered up after she collected a few gold pieces. And Asher talked about ALMOST catching a leprechaun the entire day. proof is here.
evidence of a failed Leprechaun trap

That evening we enjoyed our traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage. Actually, Cache and Nahil (a woman I visit teach) enjoyed it because I had the WORST migraine and had to leave the table and take a hot shower and lay in a dark room. The kids didn't enjoy it because they simply just didn't like it.

A new addition to our meal was a delicious glaze:
1 stick butter
1 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup spicy mustard
2 TBL. vinegar
Heat in a sauce pan until sugar dissolves. pour over corned beef and vegetables.

If you make corned beef you have to try this glaze, it is so good and added so much to the meal. I did try it the next day and loved it.

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Katie Hagen said...

You're such a cute mom! I want to be like that when I grow up.