Sunday #6/sick baby

The other 2 kids didn't make it in this weeks Sunday picture, I think they were in their rooms because Cache and I had had enough of them. Unfortunately I was really mature and told them I was sick of them and needed them to go away for a little bit, igh I felt like mud afterwards. How awful to hear that from your mom. Live and learn. I blame it on the excessive amounts of rain we have had lately, so much that after a few steps outside you are drenched. I was worried our house would slide off the hill. It didn't, and today the sun is shining and it's a brand new day.

Ainsley woke up from her nap with a high fever and she was very lethargic. So sad, but REALLY?? We haven't been sick all winter and then 3 days before we are supposed to go on a vacation Ainsley gets sick. Double igh. Lots of vitamins, fluid, sleep and anti-bacterial wash for us.


Diane said...

She looks more like your other kids the older she gets. Hope she feels better soon.

Ramsey said...

The more I read your blog the more you remind me of me :)

I figure by the time our kids grow up they'll only remember all the nice things we told them and they'll forget the things that slip from our mouths when we're exhausted.

I hope she feels better :)