May 12x12

Warning: I am trying to play catch up, expect a lot of posts with publishing dates from the past months.

1. Growing lady bugs.
2. Ainsley eating a grape.
3&4. Pretty flowers from our yard.
5. Ainsley riding her bike we picked up off of the side of the road (yay for free).
6. Trying to document Ainsley's horribly rough skin.
7. After school snack.
8. Dinner: pringled halibut and rice pilaf.
9&10. Eden's date night to Powell's candy shop.
11. Waiting for school to start: Eden playing i-touch, Ainsley eating breakfast, and who knows what Asher is doing (digging for gold is my guess)
12. Ainsley looks so big in this picture.

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Diane said...

You have such a beautiful family. It's so nice to have you back!