Culinary Institute

I guess I am one of those weird women that loves Mother's day. I do sometimes feel guilty with all of the 'ode to mother's' talks in church, about how so and so's mother is so great because she can clean the house, do laundry, cook a nutritious meal, play games with the kids, sew clothes, run 10 miles a day, look beautiful and stylish all while she remodels the house. Ya, that's not me, therefore I feel bad or guilty, but that guilt is easily erased when I am served breakfast in bed or allowed a nap after church. This year our friend Than, asked Cache if he wanted to surprise me with a Culinary Institute cooking class for mother's day. Cache couldn't spend the money without consulting with me first, so it wasn't much of a surprise. How often would I get an opportunity to cook in a culinary institute kitchen and Erica was going and that would make it all the more fun.
Thanks Cache, it was an amazing experience, even though the class turned out to be less of a class and more of an experience. Erica and I were hoping that we would learn some great techniques, but were a little embarrassed that we didn't know how to do a lot of things (that's why you take a class, right?). The Chef at first was a little frustrated, but I think in the end he began to like our amateur personalities.
It was such a beautiful building in the heart of wine country (napa).
I could have taken pictures on the grounds all day.
chef Erica cooking her Pad Thai with THE Chef.

Erica knows all the Thai names of the dishes we made, but this is the spicy coconut chicken soup I made. It was delicious! I have since made it at home and can pull it off pretty good. (I will pat my own back at this time)

mmmmm, delicious. Especially the mango rice you see in the top left corner.


Diane said...

What a treat!

Lucy said...

this would be so fun! what a great gift! It all looks so delicious.