There are people out there

I just downloaded a stat counter on my blog (notice the little numbers on the bottom of the page), there are people that visit my cyber world, it's not just me popping in to look at my own creation. right now the counter says "8" one of those is me, so that means there are 7 people that visited since last night, that excites me and motivates me to post more. Who are you though and why don't you leave a comment so I know you visited? Even though I visit a lot of blogs and I hardly ever leave comments, because most of the blogs I visit don't have a clue of who I am. I just really like looking into other people's lives. I told my husband last night I was a cyber-stalker, he looked at me really weird and said I was crazy, I just laughed and went on with my list of blogs to visit. It is kind of addicting and pretty lame. Anyway, "HELLO" to those of you that visit, drop by anytime whether I know you or not.


Ramsey said...

hahahaha! I'm a cyber-stalker too! Now you know, I'm one of the numbers on who has visited your page. It's not as exciting when you find out it's just family and not some random person checking into your life. :) I LOVE all the photos you post and it's fun watching your kids grow up since I can't be there to see it in person.

RLRP said...

hey there, cyber stalker! I'm getting rather addicted to blogs myself. I have to check them all every day...I'm so glad you're doing more with yours.