The wives get together

Last Friday the wives of ZINCH.COM met at a park and let the kids wear themselves out. It was a lot of fun, the park was amazing, it had a huge playground, a water fountain the kids could play in, and a swing carousel that could be pushed around like an amusement park ride. It was great getting to know everybody better. I hope my husband works with his co-workers for a long time because their wives are GREAT! Here are the pictures from that day:I saw this face all day long. "E" is always begging for something. "Can we play in the fountain-PLEEASE" "Can you run clear across the park to the car, and get my snacks-PLEEASE?" With a face like that, she cannot be denied.
I love this picture of E's little friend.
"A" Loved the swings. His stank eye reminds me so much of his Dad. Cache is famous for his grumpy looks.
Another one of "A" on the swings.
"E" in the Fountain.

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RLRP said...

That face of Eden's is too much! I love it. Where was this park? It looks great!