The Hike

On Monday we took a hike right above our house. It was so much fun, I didn't know that a place so beautiful was just a few blocks up the street. After hiking up the front of the mountain for about 1/2 mile we entered a small little canyon thatwas so pretty. There were so many trees and rock ledges and birds. I do have to admit that I did let my worries take over every now and then (I worry a lot) I would look up toward the cliffs on the mountainside and would see in my head mountain lions peering down at us waiting to leap on their prey. Oh, I am so pathetic. These worries all started a few years ago when we were up at my in-laws cabin and it was late at night and everybody was asleep, except for me because I am a very light sleeper. I was laying in bed and I heard some weird grunting noises and then a splash in the small pond behind the cabin. At first I thought it was probably the mommy moose and her baby we had seen earlier that day. I decided to take a look out the window and when I did I saw two huge bears crawling out of the pond. It was very exciting, but also kinda scary because we hike and play outside all the time up there, and now all I think about is that there are bears in the area so I am constantly looking and listening whenever we are there. Kind of ruins the fun. Anyway we didn't get attacked by any mountain lions or any other wild animal, nor did we even see any animals. We made it to the top to a beautiful pond and water fall. It was about 1 1/2 mile hike uphill and Eden made it the whole way by herself, she was so proud of herself. Even I made it without getting winded, which made me excited. It was proof the going to the gym is actually paying off. Here are the pictures from the fun night:

Eden Making wishes

Asher cleaning out his mouth after sucking in his wish maker (dandelion) instead of blowing out

Asher still trying to get out the last of the fuzz and asking for Dad's assistance.

oops, I lied. We did see a wild animal. And here is the proof. See that hairy caterpiller on the stick? ooh, he was ugly. Eden wouldn't touch him and Asher couldn't stop touching him.

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