July 24th

I am so behind on posting I am just going to rush through everything, so my pictures aren't in the best condition because all will be straight out of camera which means no editing.

Every 24th my side of the family has a reunion with all of my cousins and Aunts and Uncles. It is really crazy with tons of kids, food, and fun. In the last couple of years we have turned it into a carnival theme with cotton candy and bounce houses. And of course it is not a true cousin party without playing in the "crick"(aka creek) that runs through my parents backyard. My grandparents lived next door to where my parents live now and as kids we would always play in the "crick", we are now handing the tradition down the next generation. It's so fun to see my cousins, as kids we would get together at my grandparents house just about every Sunday. Now all we see each other is on the 24th and at Christmas time. I always look forward to this day. Here are the pictures:


Richard, Shauna, and Spencer said...

oh the crick! It looks like it was so much fun this year. It's always fun to get together and the older I get the more I miss those times of playing at Grandma and Grandpas. Do you remember playing skipbo, and come to court, and the raspberries!? I think I was 10 years old before I realized your last name wasn't Ogden! Cuz we would call every family by the city they lived in! :) I am glad your parents and Boyd still live there so we can relive those memories every once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! You are quite the photographer yourself!!! These pictures of your kids are so cute! I love em!!