The Narrows

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The weekend after July 24th (what weekend was that? it seems so long ago) we took a trip down to Zions National park. Cache has a friend that invited us to go down with a bunch of his friends and stay in Parowan and then the next day travel to the narrows. It was so much fun. I was a little nervous because you hear all the horror stories of flash flooding, but it turned out wonderful. Finley hiked the entire way, which was only about 1.5 miles up, so a round trip of 3 miles. Peanut hiked the entire way up, but had blisters so I had to throw her on my back and carry her down. I was pretty proud of myself because it wasn't easy hiking through a river with a 6 year old on my back. Cache took over the last leg of the journey, he was willing to do it earlier, but I wouldn't let him because I was feeling pretty tough and wanted to see how far I could go.
Unfortunately I didn't take my camera because I was afraid I would drop it in the water so I don't have any pictures, next time I will buy a disposable. I do have pictures of our adventure of dirt biking and 4 wheeling in Parowan. Our friend Al brought his tiny little quad for the kids to ride, they loved it, but on the first ride Peanut tried to turn it while going way to fast and ended up tipping it. We both got tons of slivers and burrs in our legs and arms, not fun. She did get tough and ride it again, but this time I controlled the gas and steering wheel while she enjoyed the ride.feeding the ducks in ParowanThere is Al coming down the monster hill


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Fee Family said...

Looks like great fun!! I am jealous!
About the camera... don't take it near water! A year ago we went hiking, and clutz me slipped on a rock and the camera... well it has its issues now. So, smart woman to leave it behind.