Girls Camp '08

I had the fun time going to girls camp last week. I haven't been since I was in YW as a teenager. Well, except for time when Cache had to go for bishopbric night and I tagged along.It was so much fun, I instantly reverted back to being 15 years old, I am now a little embarrassed because I was supposed to be a leader and I wasn't much of one. You know, taking the beehives out on snipe hunts, talking about bodily functions, staying up way too late-oh all sorts of fun. I wish I would have taken pictures of my feet because they were FILTHY, I was the smart one to wear flip flops the entire time.skit night
We had a great stake theme: C is for courage, meaning have the courage to live the standards of the gospel so that you can return to Christ. We had amazing devotionals each night with fabulous speakers. There was a zipline, races, crafts, and tons talking.There were butterflies EVERYWHERE
Our ward color and value was Orange for Choice and accountability. Our camp directors were so creative. They chose the theme of Cafe Courage, everything was decorated in orange. The food was delicious, we even had Cafe Rio salads on the last night, mmmm they were so good.

I have to post pictures of the decorations because they were so dang cute.
We even had a chandelier
I had tons on fun and I am so glad to be serving in the Young Womens. We have amazing youth that have such strong testimonies. I love them.


Ashley Chandler said...

I love all of the themed decorations. The orange stove rocks.

Diane Linford said...

Carrie, we needed your youth and vitality at camp - you were the perfect FUN leader for the girls. You are amazing. It is so fun to be in YW with you!

Heather said...

Wow! You guys are amazing and creative! The best YW leaders to have :)

RLRP said...

Oh my goodness - so much effort went into that camp - I bet it was great! I'm sure your girls loved talking bodily functions with you. The coolest leaders are always like that.

Sarah said...
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Paige said...

It looks like so much fun! The decorations are adorable. I bet you were a wonderful leader (the fun ones are the best!) :-)