february 12x12

Yay! the 12th came again. I was pretty excited to take pictures today, although by the end of the day I realized it was a little tougher to take 12 pictures of 12 different activities through the day.
1. Cache and I have started running every Saturday morning. A good time to talk and have some alone time together. Today was a wimpy day, we only ran 2.5 miles-I will just say that I HATE running hills.
2. Oakland LDS Stake women's conference. "finding Joy in the journey". Excellent. I attended workshops on receiving personal revelation, mothering young children, and Marriage.
3. Bubbles with Peanut's friend Lorelei.
4. Meadow enjoyed the bubbles too.
5. Oakland LDS temple.
6. My temple date.
7. view from the temple as we left. The Oakland Temple sits on a hill looking over the east bay skyline, it's absolutely breathtaking.
8. Walking in Berkley.
9. Dinner at La Mediterannee. Who knew I like mediterranean food?! Wine bottles filled the place.
10. ahhh, who could resist?
11. Dinner consisted of Hummus, baba ghannoush, tabuleh, Armenian potato salad, pomegranate Chicken, Dolmas, levant sandwiches, Chicken cilicia, grecian spinach and feta, lulu kebab (which I could have done with out, I am not a lamb fan).. Needless to say we brought half of it home, it was a LOT of food. We wanted to try everything so we ordered the sampling platter.
12. Beautiful flowers. No winter doldrums with these around in February.


Diane said...

Fun pictures!

Ramsey said...

Everything looks so beautiful there! I'm jealous!