Baker Beach on a Sunday evening

We love going into San Francisco. Cache goes everyday, but the kids and I maybe make it there every other week. Last Sunday we decided to head to the beach and fly our kite. So. Much. Fun!!

(My favorite picture)

I love the beach. I don't need to get in the water, but I love to watch and hear the waves, feel the breeze on my face, walk in the sand. I just love it, so this was an extra fun evening for me.
(I love that the moon is showing itself in this picture)
We never have been able to get our kites to fly very well, but this day must have been perfect conditions for kite flying. Our butterfly soared through the sky. At one point a hawk got very close to our butterfly. I think their friends :)
Our friend Lily joined us and brought her fun kites too. We had 3 kites gliding through the breeze.
Asher stared at the waves for a while, and even brought out the Avatar in himself and tried some water-bending (have you seen "avatar: the last airbender")
He couldn't resist and had to get in the water. He filled his bucket full several times until he was completely drenched from the waste down.
After he was drenched he wrapped in a blanket and flew the kite again. If this was a video you would be able to see his teeth chattering. Every time we go to the beach he insists on getting wet, but ends up freezing cold. He was tough this time though, we didn't hear one complaint from him (there is usually a lot of tears). When will I learn to bring him extra clothes?

Ainsley was cold, but found a way to keep warm. She loves the beach too!

*meet my children Eden (Peanut), Asher (Fin)-although we love the name fin and might keep calling him that permanently(it's his middle name) and Ainsley (Meadow). The days of their Alias' are now done with*


Mikel said...

Amazing pictures! Can you send me the Liy ones?!

Diane said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family.

Sarah said...

I so MISS the Beach! Would love to move to San Fran too. AMAZING Pics. You are SOOO talented.

Ramsey said...

I'm so jealous!! I love San Fransisco and I wish I lived that close. Thanks for letting me live through you. haha :)

Heather said...

GORGEOUS photos Carrie!!