Sunday pic #2

This definitely isn't the best picture we took today, but it just truly shows the personality's of my kids.

Meadow with her "grumpy lips" face
Finley with his "I have to make a face and be silly at all times for every photo" face
Peanut with her "I aim to please and do whatever you ask" face

Notice the shorts and bare legs(Finley insists on over dressing lately), whoohooo, it is February 6!! It may be the only year Peanut has warm weather for her birthday.


-Yes, those are still Christmas wreaths on our fronts doors. They just add so much to the front of the house I hate to take them down. I hear the SF flower market has beautiful wreaths for reasonable prices, I think I will head there soon.

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Diane said...

Ahhh, California weather.