Sunday #4

Tonight we played the game of "Life". Asher won with 1.5 million dollars, I came in second with 1.4 million, next was Cache with 1.2 million, Eden brought in the end with 600,000.

I now feel like I need to take a rest. Sometimes games at our house get a little crazy between wrestling Ainsley, trying to convince the loser that it is just a game, keeping the winner from dancing on the table, and any other little (or big) obstacle that comes in our way before we can finish the game. The memories are worth it........right?


Diane said...

Our family had two games that I still associate with my childhood - Sorry! and Flinch. They bring great memories to my mind - I'm not sure about my parents, but the kids loved it.

Heather said...

That sounds like game night at our house! It's so crazy with the babies rolling around and messing up the cards and stuff, but you're right, it's all about making memories!