Daily Life

I looked around today and loved what I saw. Each child entertaining themselves. What makes me smile even more was that the two oldest kids were playing with toys they received LAST Christmas.
Finley the fierce boxer.
Peanut, Julie, Buttercup.


Rachel Hagen said...

this is a sweet post. hope you guys had a merry Christmas. PS I know I'm probably a little slow, but your header is really cute.

Diane said...

I love your family. You are all so darling, and wonderful.

Amber said...

Carrie...your kids have grown up so much!! And your little girl is just darling! We really need to get together sometime. :)

Nicole said...

So, I'm thinking after Cache gets home from the other side of the world you and your baby girl should plan a trip to Denver for a few days! What do you think?