Distric of comumbia take II

United States Capital. While visiting the National Mall, Mr. Friend asked Senator Bennett's office if they did tours of the capital, they confirmed and we were in. Very informative. We were also there on the day of the big Healthcare Rally.
If you look close (or click on the picture to enlarge), you can see the rally on the steps of the capital.
Inside the dome.
Meadow on the National "crypt", although no one is buried within. George Washington was meant to be the occupant, but obviously ended up at Mount Vernon. Maybe Obama will want to be buried there, who knows. This spot is also the very center of D.C.
Library of congress.
Our view as we walked out of the capital. look close there is a rainbow, It started to fade, while I pulled out my camera.
Did you know Brigham Young was in the Capital?
View from the visitors center.
This window was covered with womens shoes on September 11th. People thought that the capital was the target of the plane that actually struck the Pentagon. People evacuated the capital and the women kicked off their shoes so they could run faster, resulting in this window being covered in shoes. I thought that was interesting (fyi: the visitors center is underground).
Iwo Jima
This memorial Is HUGE! and very impressive, the feeling there is amazing. This is also one of my favorite pictures.

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Diane said...

Oooh, I think DC is one of my all time favorite places I've been, and we didn't have nearly long enough there.

The Vietnam memorial really touched me. There was an incredible spirit there.