Peanut just started piano lessons, she loves it. She can't believe how good she is "after just one lesson!" she plays a killer one handed Mary had a Little Lamb. The fruit man came to our house yesterday. He came to our house 4-5 years ago and his oranges were so good, I wished I would've bought more. He never returned and I was so bummed. When he rang the doorbell yesterday I screamed with excitement(okay, not really) and bought way too much. Does anyone else have a fruit man come to their house or do they only come to mine because they know I am a sucker? His fruit is so good though, I think he must inject the seeds with karo syrup.
Meadow enjoying her orange
Finley eating a.....grapfruit!? see what I mean about the Karo syrup.


RLRP said...

Meadow is such a big cute girl! I love it! And I love your new header too.

Heather said...

I love that picture of your baby!! I love the fruit from the fruit man too...he comes to my house every winter.