I bowled......

a 138!! That is pretty good for me, I am lucky to break 100.

Pictures are taken at the Ladies neighborhood bowling league, which I am not a member of, but was filling in for a friend.

Can you tell I am trying to catch back up with my photography, a picture a day is my goal. I slacked off when I was pregnant and I feel that my limited skills are disappearing.

Also on my weight loss, today was a little harder. My neighbor brought me some yummy birthday cake over last night, I had three bites and had to throw the rest of it away (face down, so I wouldn't be tempted-hahaha) with me, once I start it is hard to stop. I also had a cookie and a handful of plain m&m's (see I started, and now I can't stop) tomorrow will be better, maybe I will even make it to the gym.

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Diane said...

great score! We lost Kelley - we could use another member to our bowling team - want to join?

Hang in there with the weight loss. Just think of the good things you've done and put the others in the past.