A trip I never blogged about.

I think with Thanksgiving and Christmas following our wonderful trip to D.C. they caused a forgotten post(can you tell I am tired? I cannot make this sentence make sense, just pretend you know what I am talking about). This post should have been published months ago, but in true Carrie fashion it is happening late.

In Early November Me, hubby and meadow traveled to Washington D.C./Arlington, VA to visit our good friends. They are living there due to the fact that "Mr. Friend" is clerking for a Supreme Court justice. We are so proud of him and wanted to take full advantage of our friendship and tour the supreme court while he was there :) We got a personal tour of the building including Justice Thomas' chamber. Very cool. Silly me, wasn't sure what was kosher to take pictures of (pictures are not allowed in the actual court room) so I have limited pics. Our friend later asked why I wasn't taking any pictures of all the cool rooms he was taking us in. "oh, I can take pictures!" was my reply, and he just laughed. So please forgive me of not getting pictures of the places most of the general public are not allowed, but here are a few that were taken:

Supreme Court(I love the sky in this picture)
enjoying an inner courtyard of Supreme Court
Mr. Friend will have to remind me of who this is, because I don't remember, but it is hanging in one of the "ball rooms"
Chandelier in a ballroom.
a few other pictures from our visit (in no particular order):

Each star represents 100 dead in WWII, this is only probablly about 1/5 of the stars in the monument.
Atlantic entrance to WWII monument
Washington Monument (I love this picture, no photoshopping was necessary) look how blue the sky was.
Lincoln monument, so much bigger in person. This was Cache's favorite.

Stay tuned for more pictures of:
Arlington Cemetary, Mt. Vernon, National Capitol, Pentagon, natural history museum.

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I love the picture of you and Cache.