Okay, it has taken me ALL day to get the guts to do this. I thought of it yesterday, and I keep arguing back and forth if I want to do it. Hopefully knowing that I am putting my successes and failures on the web will give me enough motivation to stick to my goal.

Here is the plan. Every Wednesday I am going to post my weight loss (or gain). Just so you know I want to loose 25 lbs. (that is a lot, I blame it on my first baby). I am not putting my starting or ending weight (I am not that brave) just -1 or +1 that type of thing. This isn't too bad there isn't that many people that read my blog right?? Okay so here I go....................Be sure to check back in next Wednesday, maybe even let me know you are there so I know that I am accountable to someone.


Barb said...

Go Carrie!

Diane said...

You are brave. I want to be brave too. I'll try to comment with my loss or gain as well. Maybe that will keep me on track and motivated!

FYI this is REALLY brave of me!

Mikel said...

Very brave! I would totally do it with you if I wasn't supposed to be gaining weight for the next few months! Good luck!

chandradee said...

Good luck Carrie! I'm on the same boat here! Just remember you can do it, I think I can and all those other motivational phrases!

RLRP said...

Good job! That's a great idea to post on the web - I'm also in a "get rid of the baby weight already!" mode - I wonder if there's some sort of sidebar gadget we could post. You're awesome.