Sunday #9/Easter

Dressed in their Easter best for the 2nd time.
They rushed in from church and quickly changed before I could get a picture.
Being the mean mom I am, made them change back into their Easter outfits.

We had a Great Easter!
We were lucky enough to have Cache's parents here for the weekend and it was fun to be celebrating a holiday with family again.
After church we had a quick basket hunt (there were no eggs so I can't really call it an egg hunt). We were really lazy and hid each of their individual baskets and then hid two seperate baskets full of candy instead of hiding individual candy pieces. The candy baskets were for everyone, but Asher got to find one and Eden found the other.
Asher was the first to find his personal basket.

Asher had been asking for a Beyblade for awhile, ever since he saw that his buddies in Utah had one. He is OBSESSED with the show, he would watch for hours if we allowed it, some days it is so tempting to turn it on and let him stare at the TV so I can get things done. Anyway, lucky for him the Easter bunny was able to find the very LAST Beyblade at Target.
Eden actually struggled finding her basket, and there were almost tears involved, but she spotted the monkey peeking at her from behind the BBQ.
Poor little Ainsley was actually asleep while Eden and Asher were hunting for their baskets. But she got to have her very own personal hunt-lucky her. she loves her Lily the unicorn pillow.
This wasn't on Easter, it was a few days before. I wanted to have a big Easter egg hunt for some friends, I was planning on doing a huge ward BBQ, but our plans had to change. So, instead I quickly threw together al hunt for Asher's Pre-school friends and families. It was fun! Everyone brought candy to hide and it seemed all the kids came away with fully baskets and bags, which is always a good sign at a hunt.

I think the most special part of this Easter though was studying with Cache the last few hours of Christ's life with the study packet found Here. I gained a deeper understanding of the atonement and the sacrifice Christ made for me.


Cache Man said...

Good times, and totally agree with the study of the last week of Christ's life, that was wonderful.

Shauna said...

Hey Carrie!

I really love looking at your blog! Your kids are adorable and getting so big. Love the pictures and I am glad you had a great Easter! We need to get you in front of the camera, I am starting to forget what you look like! ;)