Day 2
We started off at "Baby Beach" which is a beach protected by rock embankments we thought we would get the kids used to salt water before we added waves into the equation.
Ainsley wasn't sure about the water, but she was constantly into the snack bag.
Asher's treasure he found while snorkeling.
He also found a scary sea creature wiggling around in the current, he thought it might eat him. He started FREAKING out and yelling "ahhh!!! it's moving, it's going to get me!!!" all while pumping his arms and kicking his legs trying to get away. I was a little scared swimming over to him wondering what he saw. I put my mask on and looked down to see a piece of moss swaying with the motion of the water. Maybe we shouldn't have watched Disney's Oceans movie the night before we arrived in Hawaii.

Signature pose. (Just for you Amanda)
Ainsley loved the flippers.

After Baby beach the kids wanted to find the waves, so we drove North to Kapalua.
Asher got the idea pretty quick.
Eden struggled with the idea. She would plop down in the sand and hope a wave would reach her.
cache loved it.
Ainsley liked the "tookey's" translation=turkey's
(she calls all birds turkey's because we have so many at our house
"Ainsley need's to get in the water"
And then it started to rain. They aren't wet from the ocean.

A little surprise while we sat on the beach. If you look close you can see his spray of water on the left.

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Amanda said...

Soooo fun. Have you been there before? Loved all the pics.

There was one day at the beach where I wished we had our kiddos, but then I went back to reading my book :) and thought I would take them to yucky Pineview Dam one day. LOL.