Sunday #7

We are having the most gorgeous weather right now, and I am loving it. Everything is so green and lush from all the rain we received last month. I mentally take note of every field and apple orchard I pass, promising myself to return with kids in tow for a photo shoot.
Home from church.
Asher is the first to start stripping off his Sunday best. Ainsley is in his footsteps, as always, and insists on putting on his tie and vest.
Asher takes revenge by trying on her "jackee" (Jacket/sweater).
Such a ham. I have noticed so many pictures lately of her with her feet crossed and I love it. I wish I wouldn't have cut them off in this picture.
I was clicking through my blog the other day and noticed that there isn't one picture of me. I swallowed my pride and decided to use the remote and be in the family shot. I am part of the family....right?


Diane said...

That is a GREAT family shot, and you look terrific.

Bill Tanna Ava Fox said...

So fun to see your blog and thank younfor putting a picture of yourself! I was going to ask you t dos o but it's cute that I can see you in all of your kids! Such a darling family. Grandma Mila is still plugging along....tell your family hi!