12x12 April

01. Morning Workout
02. Ainsley slept until 9. small miracle.
03. Preschool snack time.
04. These boys LOVE Super Mario Bros.
05. Preschool learned about the English knight St. George who defeated a dragon. They made a shield with the flag of England on it.
06. Banana with peanut butter and chocolate, perfect afternoon snack.
07. Eden is reading Harry Potter #2.
08. We discovered Pop Chips while we were in Hawaii. Ainsley loves them.
09. chores. Eden empty's the dishwasher everyday.
10. Skype with our friends the Jensen's.
11. Dinner would not get hot enough. grrrr. poor Cache and Eden could only eat the side dishes because the chicken wasn't done in time for them to go to scouts and Activity days.
12. Cache taking care of some business.

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