Maui Day 5


We heard from several people that The Gazebo was the place to eat breakfast while in Maui. You have to arrive early though because a line forms when it opens and lasts until 2:00 which is closing time. We arrived at 7:00 and waited until opening at 7:30. I think we were the 5th group in line. We met some nice retirees, I am sure all the younger families show up later. But we learned about buying Maui Condo's and renting them out until retirement age and having a Maui retreat completely paid for by other people. mmmm tempting very tempting.
The Gazebo-Napili Bay, Maui.
While we waited for our order Ainsley discovered Half and Half coffee creamer. She loved it. She hates milk, but loves half and half, weirdo. Notice it dripping from her chin?

He loves when restaurants have those waxy pieces of yarn (i cant remember the name) to play with while you wait.
This is why you eat breakfast at The Gazebo. Banana Macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup. And Tons of their yummy whipped cream. Oh and don't forget the side order of fried rice with egg on top.
Ainsley especially loved the whipped cream and even got it confused with sunscreen and started rubbing it ALL over her legs.
The view from our table.
While you are The Gazebo there are several things to to do. While waiting in line to be seated check out the tide pools. We didn't find anything too interesting, just a rather large colorful dead fish, sea urchins and a few crabs (mostly on the dead fish). Tide pools are in the background of this picture.
After Breakfast walk over to what we call turtle bay and swim with the turtles. A little bit of a rocky entrance, but well worth it.
Turtle Bay
Asher swimming with turtles.
Eden swimming with turtles. they were everywhere! I even went out and got a little spooked because they are so big and just EVERYWHERE. At one point I looked down and saw like 5 right below me and then they started to come up for air and I hurried and swam to the side to get out of their way-I am a wimp.
this is Napili bay which is right next to Turtle bay. We ate here, at the Sea House, on our last night in Maui and it was amazing. We arrived at sunset, there was a wedding on the beach, and the food was so delicious. It made for a great night. I am glad I had taken this picture the day before. I had heard about the Sea House, but didn't know I was taking a picture of it when I took this until right now when I was posting it here.

Thanks Erica for all of your recommendations. I think these were all of yours.


Cache Man said...

I loved Napili, hope we can retire there, and grow old there. It was amazing.

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

No....I love napili. I'm so glad you found the turtle place and you liked all of our recommendations! Next time we'll have to go together and we'll take you Lanai and you'll love that too!

H... said...

Such gorgeous pictures! What a fun trip! Napili is a family favorite for us too. We stay there, next to the turtles, whenever we visit Maui. Those breakfasts at the Gazebo are worth the wait. Hope all is well with your family.