Day 1
We loved MAUI!! Our plane landed at 11:50 local time and after making our Costco stop for groceries and lunch, we headed to the beach. We explored for a while and decided that our beach was a little too rocky for swimming so we went to the pool.
The kids loved the pool, Cache and I loved the beach. Lucky for us the pool was right on the beach. The kids could swim and we could stare at the waves. problem solved.
A nice family gave us their boogie boards, which made the kids excited to try them out on the waves. Anything to get them into the ocean! Although, we told them they had to wait until the next day when we could find some better waves.
"Eden stop plugging your nose!!"
She did eventually learn to jump in without plugging her nose, but she doesn't prefer it.
Ainsley loved the pool too, but look at that diaper!! We were so excited to get in our swimsuits and to the water that we forgot to put a swim diaper on Ainsley.

Notice Asher's life jacket? By the end of the trip he was swimming with out it! We need more pool exposure.


Cache Man said...

Awesome trip. Where are the pics of swimming with the turtles, or the whales, or the amazing fish we snorkeled with? Is more coming?

Lucy said...

That looks like so much fun. I've never been to Hawaii and (embarrassing to admit) am not a huge fan of salt water! I'm afraid I'd be like a kid and prefer the pool even though this magnificent body of water with amazing activity stands just a few feet away.

Love the diaper pick. I've totally done that. Hope it didn't explode!

Ramsey said...

Day 1 of your trip looks awesome! I'm glad you guys had fun :)

Diane said...

Sounds so fun! Where did you stay? It looks like a place we stayed before.

I love Hawaii.